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Osaka Bar Soft Machine will be closed tomorrow. There will be all night finale party. I was introduced to this venue by Hugh Hopper in 2007. Hugh and I were going to do duo tour in 2008, but he became ill, so I did the tour on my own. I had never done a tour in Japan before, so I was really anxious then, but Harry, the owner of Bar Soft Machine, came to the airport to pick me up, and it was alright from there. Without Bar Soft Machine, I would not have been able to be this active in Japan now. So, Harry, thank you so much, and wish you all the best! Photos are from June 2013, The Artaud Beats at Bar Soft Machine.



More memoir about Bar Soft Machine. When The Artaud Beats did the gig shown below, John left his electronic tuner, and Chris left his famous black T-shirt. I emailed Harry saying that we will pick them up when we return to Kansai area after Kyushu dates. I didn't hear from Harry for a couple of days so I thought he hadn't checked his emails. Two days later, Chris and I had a talk event and duo concert at Motomachi Cinema in Kobe in conjunction with the screening of the film 'About Rock In Opposition'. When I got there, a member of staff of the cinema gave me a lovely little carrier bag saying that Mr Kimura (Harry) came this afternoon and left this for you. Inside, there were the tuner and T-shirt! And the CDR of the recording at the Bar Soft Machine as well! Harry came all the way from Osaka to Kobe...how sweet.
by YumiHaraCawkwell | 2013-09-07 23:10 | Performance ライヴ関係のお話
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